I have been experimenting with the printed word most of my adult life, trying to make commissioned work or what flows from my own pen both readable and beautiful.


It all started in the public schools of Westfield, Massachusetts, where I joined friends in producing a daily newspaper. And the adventure continues here in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, where I work with and for a fascinating circle of creative individuals and independent publishers.


In a Nutshell

  • 1968-1971: Westfield High School, The Little Paper, with Jacqui Clow Campbell, et al.
  • 1971-1975: Marquette University, articles for the Marquette Tribune and the Catholic Observer, the weekly newspaper of the Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts
  • 1982-1989: Editing, design, and marketing for Hi-Time Publishing, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 1989-2002: Freelance design for Hi-Time/Pflaum Publishing; founding editor of Reflections of Faith, the newsletter of St. Catherine Parish, Milwaukee; promotions for Casa Materna Maryann Jackman, Nicaragua
  • 1989-2014: Caring for and accompanying Hap and Jane Lynch, my sainted in-laws
  • 1998-2014: Editing and design for The Spirit, An Ecumenical Spirituality Newsletter;  Franciscan Works; the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership; and ACTA Publications
  • Gardening, walking, dancing (Urban Barn Dance and Nia at Core/El Centro), and enjoying life with my husband, Patrick

Current Projects



Published Works

  • Out at the Soldiers’ Home by Elizabeth Corbett, expanded edition by Patricia A. Lynch
  • The Wisconsin Homefront: Caring for Soldiers During and After the Civil War, an activity book for children written and designed by Patricia A. Lynch
  • Milwaukee’s Soldiers Home by Patricia A. Lynch

Awards and recognition

  • 2015 Catholic Press Association: Second Place, Best Complete Catalog
  • 2013 Catholic Press Association, Second Place, Fall Catalog
  • 2010 Catholic Press Association: First Place, Design and Production of A Planet of Grace: Images and Words from Biosphere One (out of print)
  • 2008 Catholic Press Association: Third Place, Portraits of Grace: Images and Words from the Monastery of the Holy Spirit

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